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How To Plan The Perfect Family Beach Break

Thursday, July 2, 2015

This post was contributed by Sam Jones.

I am the type of mama who loves to travel. I love to travel solo, with my partner and also with my kids. I know that many parents stress about travelling with their little ones - it can be stressful, but I also know that it’s worth it.

At times, I find travelling with kids to be extremely stressful. It's not always easy keeping them entertained while travelling, but by being organized it is doable.

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This summer, my partner and I are considering planning a beach break to Nice with our children. We both love the beach, as do the children, so a beach break is ideal. Yes, we enjoy spending time seeing the sights and exploring new places, but with little ones in tow, a beach break is a better idea.

Choose the right location

The first thing I would say is choose the right location. There are so many beach destinations to choose from, from Nice in France to Costa Brava in Spain, and each one is very different.

Many beach destinations are aimed at families. However, there are some that are aimed at singles or couples, which isn’t what you want for a family break. Once you have found an area that you like the sound of, make sure to do your research about what you can expect from that destination.

A popular beach break area with many families is Nice, the capital of the French Riviera. The area has lots of amenities for people of all ages, including families, and the beaches are all child-friendly.

Get an idea of the activities on offer

While you might be planning on spending every day on the beach, that doesn’t mean that you can’t take part in activities. Many beach locations have lots of activities to choose from, from surfing lessons to horse riding.

Go online and find a list of activities that are available at the beach where you are staying and create a list of things you might like to try. If you or your children want to do any of the activities, it’s best to get them booked in before you arrive.

Pick a family-friendly hotel

If you are planning to spend your time relaxing on the beach, you will need to find some accommodation that is close enough by. Kids and lots of walking don’t tend to mix, so we knew that we needed to pick accommodation in Nice that was fairly close to the beach.

However, what we found was that beachfront hotels and other accommodation tend to get booked up pretty quickly. One of the best ways to find a good hotel that’s suitable is by looking online on sites like

Pack right

I always find that the key to a stress-free family vacation is packing all the right things. I create lists of everything I need to pack beforehand, and then use them to help me prepare and pack everything we will need.

I’ve been caught out before when I’ve forgotten things like after sun and beach shoes and have ended up paying high prices for them. Now, I always make sure that things like sunscreen, after sun, sun hats, beach shoes, and swimwear are at the top of my list.

Planning a family vacation isn’t the easiest of tasks, but once everything is organized, it’s the best feeling. Being able to get away for a week or two as a family is wonderful.

Thanks again to Sam Jones for contributing this post!