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Being a Fangirl

Thursday, July 2, 2015

A few weeks ago, I went to a free concert starring David Cook, of American Idol fame. He is from Kansas City and was part of a free concert series at a local shopping center. Being at the show reminded me of my fangirl days – I used to be a fangirl, did you know that? I was (and still would be, if they still played together) a huge fan of the band Evan and Jaron. I even got to meet them a few times! So, when I saw the people that paid for a back stage pass to meet David Cook, I was jealous of them because I remember that fun thrill of meeting your favorite celebrity.


Times are so different now, because my fangirl days were over 10 years ago, and while we had social media, it was limited to the band’s own message board and AOL Instant Messenger.  Now, when I posted on Twitter about the concert, I was added to someone’s list of people who had tweeted about the show, and I was able to follow along. One girl tweeted every song that he played – I used to write down the play list on scrap paper! When I posted a photo on Instagram, I instantly gained new followers (sorry to them, because I only posted the one picture!). Back then, we would have to go home to our dial up internet before we could post anything! I remember I had a roll of film developed and paid to have the photos on a floppy disc too, so I could share them both online and off! Also, these days people can face time their friends from concerts! Some of us had cell phones back then, and someone called me from one of the shows, but I could barely hear the music! See, times have changed!


I was also jealous of the fans who got to see their favorite celebrity live in concert. These days, I fangirl over Tony Goldwyn, an actor, who I am not able to see performing live, unless he one day does a play! I do know people who were able to meet him by attending a charity event, but loving an actor is different than loving a band!


Being there was fun, even though I’m not enough of a fan to really feel that thrill! Also, before the concert started, Gabbie got her hair braided!

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