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It’s Okay #75

Tuesday, June 16, 2015



It’s okay…

…that I’ve been taking Sundays off from blogging this summer.

…that I really want a pair of sunglasses but I don’t know what type or where to look.

…that I’m still not sure if I want to watch the new season of Orange Is The New Black.

…that I can’t find my insurance card and it’s taking more than an hour to get it to print from the website! (First, I needed my group number, then I needed my login name, now it just won’t print).

…that the only reason I realized I lost my insurance card was because I was filling out school forms for the kids. That took forever too.

…that Zachary is currently two days behind on his homework chart. Oops.

…that I just ordered shoes for the boys for their cousin’s wedding. I hope they fit!

What’s okay with you this week?