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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

It’s Okay #74

It’s okay…

…that the kids are in camp this week.

…that today I have to to Cub Scout Camp with Zachary.

…that I want to get my hair straightened in an attempt to deal with the summer frizziness.

…that we were so happy when we got to go swimming finally!

…that I’ve already started worrying about the school year starting, specifically regarding Zachary.

…that the Library Book Sale is this week.

…that I should clean the house. I want to get rid of a lot of toys, but I don’t know where to start!

…that I also should really be working out multiple times per day now that the kids have camp…ha.

What’s okay with you this week?


Janine Huldie said...

My kids are still in school, so my stressing is more on finishing this year off already and all the last minute events they each have in the next two weeks that I need to either attend or make sure they are prepared for. Oh and the frozen in my hair is also out of control now, too!!

tamarsb said...

Enjoy your week - you'll get the house cleaned (-:

Amber said...

A library book sale would make me happy.

I need to straighten my hair as well. But it takes forever so I'm usually lazy about it.

MilitaryWifeandPugLife said...

I used to hate my straight hair and never understood what you gals were complaining about! Now I love it.
Library book sales are bomb. I used to get great history books and college book sales!

Desiree @ Macke Monologues said...

I want a relaxer in my hair, too! Even though the humidity isn't nearly as bad here, I hate battling summer hair.
Library book sale? I'd probably go crazy and buy all the books. :)

Dara said...

that remains to be seen!

Dara said...

turns out I missed the library book sale. it was last week!

Dara said...

I like my hair curly but not frizzy and puffy!

Holly Higgins said...

I chopped my hair so it would be easier to straighten but I still wear it curly because it is so hot out that I don't want to mess with the heat of the hair dryer. Figures!

Dara said...

I'm getting a straightening treatment so hopefully it stays straight or less frizzy without the straightener!