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Reading Fair

Monday, May 11, 2015

A few weeks ago, our school had its annual reading fair. Students below 4th grade have the option to create a board based on a book they have read, and those in 4th and 5th grade are required to make one. The students were then invited to wear their pajamas while showing off their boards to their families.

Dave was out of town, so before we went into the fair, the kids were talking to him on FaceTime.

Gabbie’s board featured her current favorite book, Out Of My Mind, reviewed here.

DSCN1867  DSCN1868
Zachary’s class worked together to complete a board about Stuart Little.

Gabbie received this award. The writing on it says: “Great information about the author! Your summary is very well-written!”

Gabbie’s teacher wrote: “Your 3D Medi-Talker steals the show on your display board. It was very clever to make it 3D! I also like how you found photos of the characters to add to the board. You chose a color scheme and stuck to it, which makes the board easy and interesting to view. Great work!”

I love that the Reading Fair gets the kids excited about books!