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Thursday, May 14, 2015

Mother’s Day 2015

This year on Mother’s Day, all three kids brought me something they had made at school! I seem to remember that none of their classes made anything last year, so it was very nice to receive so many things this year.

DSCN1957  DSCN1958
Simon made me this “All About My Mom” questionnaire. He did a nice job not saying crazy things, although I am not yet 40 years old! My favorite food isn’t pizza, but my favorite colors are purple and teal, I do tell him to clean up the living room, and I do really love him! He thinks I cook the best “lunch” because I make his lunch every day for school. My job is to watch him and I laugh when he does silly stuff. I did give him a Kindle Fire, and that is why he loves me!

Zachary drew me a bug habitat in art class and he made me this card. It says “Dear Mommy, I love your blondies. They are delicious. Thank you Mommy. Love Zachary.”

Gabbie made a book of poems of different types. Shown are a few of my favorite pages.

On Mother’s Day, we wanted to go to the Miami County Farm Tour, which we also did last year. But because it was rainy in the morning, we only got to go to a few. Here are a few pictures!


Hope everyone had a nice Mother’s Day!


Janine Huldie said...

Looked like a perfect Mother's Day and pretty much feel blessed that mine was, as too with all sorts of school crafts, too from both my girls 😉

Holly Higgins said...

I love all the handmade gifts. Those are the best. I said it last time and I'll say it again. I am so jealous of the farm tour, even if it did rain. Glad you had a good Mother's Day!

tamarsb said...

What sweet gifts!! Glad you had a nice day (-:

Desiree @ Macke Monologues said...

The handmade/homemade gifts are the sweetest!

Dara said...

sounds great!

Dara said...

it is a fun thing to do!

Dara said...


Dara said...

so true!