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It’s Okay #69

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

It’s okay…

…that there is so much going on over the next few weeks.

…that I was sure the Duke and Duchess would name their baby Diana, but instead they used Diana as a second middle name!

…that I took Gabbie to get her picture taken on Sunday.

6  13

…that it still takes 10 days for the photos to be printed.

…that Simon loves Play Doh and I hate it but I still think about buying him some.

…that I can’t find Simon’s green plate!

…that this didn’t post at the right time today – oops.

…to encourage you to check out the book Unselfish:

…that I didn’t post on Sunday…I’m trying to decide if I should do Sunday Funnies throughout the summer, come up with a new series, or stop posting on Sundays in general!

What do you think?