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Huggy Wuggy the Hugibo

Monday, May 4, 2015

Last summer, we were in the mall in NJ and we stumbled upon a store called Yogibo. Inside the store were these amazing bean bag pillows that were comfortable and fun to sit on, as well as cute stuffed bean bag animals and smaller pillows. Coincidentally, our Occupational Therapist brought a Yogibo Max, a Caterpillar Roll, and a few Yogibo Balls into her office and my kids fell in love.

“Yogibos are used in a variety of ways as a sensory product by parents and therapists. Our bean bags provide exceptional proprioceptive sensory input, promoting body awareness and helping to organize the brain for focus and attention. They are especially effective when used for snuggling, pushing, pulling, crashing, or jumping into. Yogibos also serve as an excellent compression tool, conforming to your body and providing calming, uniform pressure. We frequently hear that our customers particularly enjoy how the Yogibo encompasses them – and they’re a lot more comfortable than many of the alternatives.”

We were all so excited when Yogibo agreed to let us try out one of their newest products, the Hugibo, the bean bag that hugs you back!


“Hugs are one of the most comforting things to receive; they are the best kind of present. They are a universal sign of love, friendship, and support, and those are things we all need. Now with our most loveable lounge bag pal you will never be short on your dose of hugs in a day, he never forgets. If you find yourself needing a little extra comfort during the course of your day, just sit and have a relaxing hug with this guy, he’s sure to make you feel better. Hugibo is the perfect companion for reading, relaxing and especially on dark and stormy nights. He will wrap his arms right around you and protect you from anything scary, no more monsters under the bed when this guy is around. He is always there to make you feel better and give you a reassuring high five or pat on the back. Even Hugibos can get a little dirty from time to time and he too will need to take a bath. No worries though, just zip of his outer cover and throw it right in the washing machine on laundry day, he will greatly appreciate it, and when you’re done he will come out feeling nice and squeaky clean. You’ll just have to remember to add a little bit of hair spray or gel once he’s dry, so he can keep up with looking super stylish, and keep his hair looking funky fresh.”

Simon was the first to meet our Hugibo and he immediately dubbed him “Huggy Wuggy” and discovered the velcro hands that are perfect for hugging!


Next, Zachary enjoyed jumping on Huggy Wuggy and squishing his soft body!

DSCN1859  DSCN1860DSCN1861

Gabbie likes to sit on Huggy Wuggy while she reads each night, and she showed Zachary how to make him into a seat.

DSCN1872  DSCN1873

We have already seen Huggy Wuggy used as a place to lie down and sit on, a soft place to land on, and a friend to play with! The Hugibo comes in blue, green, and pink and Yogibo’s other products come in even more colors so there is certain to be a match for every home or room style. While their stores are located on the East Coast, they ship everywhere in the Continental USA and Canada. Check out the web page for all the bean bag products you can imagine, as well as plenty of items for sensory seeking kids!

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We received this product free of charge in exchange for our review. No other compensation was received and all opinions are ours.