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Scandal Sunday 4.18–Honor Thy Father

Sunday, April 12, 2015


It was rather convenient for me that because of Passover, I did not have a post last Sunday. As of last week, I had absolutely no desire to write about this Scandal episode, so having a day off of blogging for the holiday worked out perfectly. However, I have since decided that I have blogged about every episode this season and I will continue to do so until the end of the season and therefore I don’t want to skip writing about last week’s episode. I spent a lot of the episode laughing at it (and not in a good way) and the rest of it confused. My thoughts are as follows:

The Good:

The best part of this episode was Tony Goldwyn’s face. He is honestly the best actor on the show and he is in 2-3 scenes per episode – I’m still waiting for my Fitz-centric episode! He expresses everything in his face, just look at him!


The other fun part of the episode was reading Tony’s tweets during the West Coast airing of the show. They were hilarious, trust me.

The Bad:

As I mentioned, I left the episode confused.

  • Much of the promo for the episode did not actually happen. Lines were cut that had been advertised – just shows how much of a mess the promotions have become. It was also obvious to those of us that follow these things that the scenes were cut and paste from other episodes. The whole Mellie and her sister plot line was supposed to have happened a few episodes earlier!
  • There was no point to having Jake lie to Huck and Quinn. He turned out to be a good guy – no surprise there – but the whole episode made the point that he was going rogue and in the end, he was only doing that to expose David’s assistant, Holly. There was no point to the story other than to fill screen time.
  • Olivia was spying on her own people with Jake. Again, no point.
  • Fitz is acting like he is ok with becoming the “first lady,” saying he is standing by Mellie as she runs for Senate and ultimately President. I don’t understand what his plan is. My hope is that he’s trying to build her up until she realizes she would be better off without him, but I’m usually wrong about my predictions.
  • At the end of the episode, Olivia’s new man Russell showed up at her door with her father. I think we were meant to believe that he was working for her father the whole time, but my theory is that her father just followed him and used him to get her to open the door. Now, a year ago we were watching her try to take down B613, and now with only 4 episodes left this season, we’re watching the same thing again.

The Ugly:

The next new episode is airing on 4/16. For some reason, the promotions department sent out a press release for the episode on 4/23 – the one after the next one – first. Everyone is already confused! Also, the promotion following the most recent episode said, “Could this be the end of Olitz?” Olitz = Olivia + Fitz. I honestly don’t understand why they think that threatening the end of the couple that started the show will make people tune in. Do that many people hate Olivia and Fitz together? Also – they aren’t together! They have barely spoken to each other this whole season. So how can something end that doesn’t currently exist? I guess whatever the show promotes must lead to the opposite – seems backwards to me.

Feel free to weigh in if you have any thoughts.