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Thursday, April 2, 2015

Muppets Themed Baby Shower


This past Sunday, I left my house at 4 AM and hopped on a 6 AM flight to Atlanta. My brother picked me up at the airport at 9 AM and I spent the day with him and my sister-in-law including attending her baby shower! By 7:30 that night I was on a flight back home – so it was a quick trip, but a lot of fun and I was so glad I was able to do it!

Both my brother and I love the Muppets and by marrying him, my sister-in-law is a Muppets fan by default. Her friends made her baby shower Muppet themed and it was awesome. Everything was brightly colored and so cute!


DSCN1566  DSCN1562DSCN1561DSCN1563DSCN1564DSCN1565DSCN1579DSCN1567DSCN1568DSCN1569DSCN1571DSCN1572DSCN1573DSCN1574

Game prizes:

DSCN1554  DSCN1576DSCN1577  DSCN1578

Onesie decorating table:



DSCN1580DSCN1585DSCN1593  DSCN1596DSCN1597DSCN1600  DSCN1601DSCN1608
The hat that I knit!

DSCN1609  DSCN1612
Other Muppets themed gifts



The baby’s nursery will be Muppet themed – what a lucky baby!


Janine Huldie said...

Love the theme, as both Kevin and I are huge fans of the Muppets. One of the first dolls we ever bought Emma as a baby was an Abby Cadabby doll that she still sleeps with. So was so smiling when I saw that doll in the above pics. So glad you got to attend and sounded like a wonderful day of celebrating. Congrats to your brother and sister-in-law! 😉

tamarsb said...

How adorable is this!!

Myrna said...

Simply Awesome. How did they ever think of all that?

Dara said...

I love that we have this in common too!

Dara said...

I know!

Dara said...


Holly Higgins said...

That is so incredibly cute! I love the fruit and veggie trays.

Alejandra said...

This is absolutely adorable!! What a fantastic and thoughtful Idea. Everything looked spectacular! (:

Amber said...

So cute! Love this.

Dara said...

me too!

Dara said...

I know, I thought it was very well done!

Dara said...

I loved it too!

Shoshanah G said...

I know I'm crazy late commenting here, but I think this was such a cute idea! I especially love the Swedish Chef Meatballs! So fun!!

Dara said...

I know, I loved it!