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Cosmic Jump Spring Break Adventure

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

The first day of the kids’ spring break was also Gabbie’s 10th birthday. Because of that, most of what we did that day was in her honor and her choice. First, we went to the mall so she could get her ears pierced. (She had her ears pierced before but the holes closed when she didn’t wear earrings for about an hour!) Then she had her American Girl doll’s ears pierced and hair done. We also got ice cream. In the afternoon, we went to Cosmic Jump, a trampoline park. Gabbie wanted to go there so she could do her dance jumps on the trampolines. The only problem was that the trampolines were separated by age and therefore Simon and Zachary were separated from Gabbie. However, the place was almost empty, so I let them sneak on to the other side a few times! Also, there was one area that was not separated by age.


Looks like a fun time, right?