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Art Museum Spring Break Adventure

Monday, April 13, 2015

After Zachary went to the Nelson-Atkins Art Museum on a class trip, he was begging to go back, so we went over spring break. First we went to the Sculpture Garden, and then looked around the inside of the museum.

DSCN1658DSCN1659DSCN1660DSCN1661DSCN1662DSCN1663  DSCN1665

The glass maze is really cool to walk through! Just watch out not to walk into the walls!

DSCN1668DSCN1669DSCN1670DSCN1671  DSCN1666DSCN1675DSCN1676  DSCN1677DSCN1679
Flowers – nature’s own art!

DSCN1683  DSCN1684DSCN1686DSCN1687  DSCN1688DSCN1690DSCN1692DSCN1693DSCN1689  DSCN1694

We enjoyed the city planning and building display!


Best part? The art museum is free!