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Sunday Funnies–The Dress Edition

Sunday, March 1, 2015

If you were on social media at all on Thursday night, you probably saw this picture, with the question “What color is this dress?”:


Some people see it as blue and black, while others see it as white and gold. There were countless discussions about it everywhere, and I found the whole thing rather funny! To me, it is blue and black. For about a second I saw it as white and gold, but then it changed back to blue and black. I asked my kids and Zachary saw blue and black, but Simon saw white and gold!


People made different images to show how if your screen is brighter it looks white and gold versus the darker version of blue and black, but to me they all look like different brightness versions of blue and black! It has to do with your eyes.

This is all over the news, if you Google “the dress” you get countless articles about it! So here are some related funnies.

screen shot 2015-02-26 at 11.07.07 pm.png
There was also lose llamas in Arizona, so here are some llamas in “dresses.”


tumblr_nkfqq6cTP11rl3zxmo1_1280  tumblr_nkfqq6cTP11rl3zxmo2_r1_1280





There are tons more of these! So, what colors do you see?