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It’s Okay #64

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

It’s okay…

…to fly to another city to attend a party.

…that even though an hour and a half on a plane is really not a lot, I still didn’t like it and wasn’t comfortable, which is why I can’t get excited for the possibility for a much longer flight!

…that I bought a winter coat for the boys on sale at Land’s End. I think it will fit Zachary for a little while and then go to Simon. It was on sale 50% off plus another 40% off of that!

…that I also exchanged one of Zachary’s iron knee pants – guaranteed not to rip, but of course he managed to rip them.

…that Zachary has an infection on his ear. That’s right, it’s not in his ear, it’s on his ear. He’s doing a great job taking adult size pills so hopefully that will clear it up!

…that Simon is off starting today and the other kids are off starting tomorrow for spring break and Passover!

…that the Draw Tweets team drew me a picture of myself!


What’s okay with you this week?