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It’s Okay #60

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

It’s okay…

…that I’ve been feeling sick since Sunday.

…that Simon and Zachary had a play date on Sunday and it is so cute that Zachary’s friend has a little brother who will be in kindergarten with Simon!

…that I finished the book I was reading and now I have nothing to read.

…that Simon is trying so hard to dress himself and to write letters. With my telling him what letters to write, he wrote “I helped” on a note for his teacher!

…that Simon is off school Wednesday-Friday. Gabbie and Zachary have a half day on Thursday and are also off on Friday.

…that Zachary has almost officially reached 100 miles for the 100 mile club!

…that I sold all but 7 items at the consignment sale. I don’t know how much I made though because I didn’t have a huge amount of items to start with!

…that I love this picture of Simon from a birthday party he attended: