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Zachary’s Chag Chumash

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Last week, Zachary and his class had their Chag Chumash – the celebration where they receive their chumash, which is the Torah in printed form. The kids put on a performance which is almost entirely in Hebrew. Each child had a speaking part (Zachary said two lines in Hebrew and one in English) and they all sang together. Then they all received their books.

DSCN1228  DSCN1229
A picture that was on the wall and the back of the programs.

Zachary is second from left in the front row.


His first part:


DSCN1235  DSCN1236DSCN1246DSCN1247DSCN1249DSCN1250DSCN1251DSCN1252

Zachary’s second part:


After receiving the books:


After the show:

DSCN1259  DSCN1261DSCN1262

With friends:


Bonus picture of Gabbie!


I always love these school events where we can see how much the kids have learned and grown!