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Wishlist 3.0

Friday, January 2, 2015

For the past two years, I have written a small wishlist of things I want to enjoy in the new calendar year. These wishes have been a mixture of material and non-material items. Last year, I wished for a laptop and a new watch, both of which I purchased! For the past two years, I wished I would never have to hide the newspaper from my kids, read news stories online that make me cry, or hear horrible news that makes us question humanity and the existence of God. I highly doubt that wish will come true any time soon.

Here is what is currently on my wishlist:

1. A North Face Coat. I never was one to care about brands and my current coat comes from Old Navy. But I really want a good quality, warm winter coat and it seems that everyone loves The North Face! I like the kind that comes with a zip out inner part that I could also wear when it isn’t as cold out!


2. Staying with the cold weather theme, I’m wishing for a pair of winter boots. I did buy a pair of tall Bear Paw boots which are great for keeping me warm, but I don’t want to ruin them when it snows and I have to go out in it! Maybe something like this one:

3. I wear the same pair of earrings every day. And I’ve been wearing the same earrings for almost ten years! When Gabbie was born, Dave gave me a pair of diamond earrings. I like them well enough, but I’d really like a bigger pair!


4. I know it’s cliché, being the huge Scandal fan I am, but I’d really like to have a clothing item from the Limited Scandal Collection. It’s all too expensive though. When there was a sale, the piece I was considering was no longer available. (The Draped Open Front Cardigan). I could get the Lace Print Halter Top for $14 right now…should I?


5. Finally, I have been wanting a pair of Dolce & Gabbana sunglasses – but they have to have the DG on the sides. Why? Because DG is my initials!


What’s on your wish list?