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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

New Jersey Trip Part 3–Places

So aside from visiting people (and eating), we also went a few places as a family while we were in New Jersey. First, to a local zoo, and second, to the Museum of Natural History. Even though we are not wearing coats at the zoo, that doesn’t mean it was warm out! (Well, it was, but then it got colder while we were there).

DSCN1048DSCN1049DSCN1050DSCN1051DSCN1052DSCN1054  DSCN1055DSCN1057DSCN1058DSCN1056  DSCN1059DSCN1060  DSCN1061DSCN1063DSCN1065DSCN1067DSCN1068DSCN1069DSCN1072

The museum brings back my childhood memories of class trips!

DSCN1149DSCN1150DSCN1151  DSCN1152DSCN1153DSCN1154DSCN1158  DSCN1160DSCN1161DSCN1163DSCN1165DSCN1166

Hope you enjoyed all of those photos!


Janine Huldie said...

Love that you got to do both and also brings back memories for me with school trips, too 😉

Dara said...


Dara said...

she does! she's going to be 10 soon!

Dara said...

now that would have been funny!

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