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HiFiKiddo–A Family and Kid Friendly Social Network

Monday, January 12, 2015


Who else out there has a child who wants to join Facebook? Gabbie has been asking me when she can join and of course, I have told her that she is too young. However, I was recently introduced to HiFiKiddo, a social network for families and kids! What is HiFiKiddo? In their own words:

We’re reinventing the way families and close friends connect and share memories with one another. We’re doing this by combining an innovative technology platform with a momentous idea that will transcend the way people interact and capture life’s most cherished moments. HiFiKiddo’s mission is to encourage this connection and be the “glue” that brings families together. Sign up today to be a part of this journey and join us for our Beta launch coming later this winter.

Families and children can use this platform together or separately. When children under 13 want to join, their parents must do so for them, and thereafter, parents must approve friend requests and other activity on the site.

HiFiKiddo offers you the outlet to connect and share life’s most private memories meant for just your family and close friends.  Whether that’s posting pictures of your child’s significant milestones like their first steps or capturing their not so proud, but really cute moments, some things were just meant to stay close to home and not be shared with 600 of your “closest” Facebook friends...

There are 4 easy steps to using HiFiKiddo. First, register and create an account. Next, invite your friends to join. Third, share your memories. Finally, use HiFiKiddo to archive and store your memories forever.

I would love for any of you with kids to sign up and connect with myself and Gabbie on the HiFiKiddo network. Gabbie is excited to have her own social network of friends! Use the following links to download the app on the device you use most often:

image image

For more information, visit HiFiKiddo’s social pages: Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest

I am a brand ambassador for HiFiKiddo and will be sharing more about this family friendly social network over the next few weeks. Thank you to HiFiKiddo for sponsoring this post! As always, all opinions are my own.