Not In Jersey: Rudy Photo By Zachary Rudy Photo By Zachary - Not In Jersey

Rudy Photo By Zachary

Wednesday, December 10, 2014


Zachary took this picture using my camera. He decided he wants to earn his Cub Scout Belt Loop for Photography and to do so, he needed to take 5 photos of his family or pet. I told him that it is hard to take pictures of Rudy, but he did a pretty good job! Rudy likes to sit all wedged up at the bottom of my desk chair, which is what he is doing in this picture!

Apparently, Rudy has a sore paw. The vet doesn’t see anything obviously wrong with it, so if it doesn’t get better in a few weeks, we will need to have it x-rayed. It is giving me flash backs to when I was 11 and my dog also had a limp – it turned out she had a tumor.

We are hoping nothing so serious is wrong with Rudy.

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