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BanZ Protection For Kids #GiftIdea

Monday, December 22, 2014


I don’t know about you, but here it is pretty cold out, so we aren’t really thinking about going swimming or sun protection at the moment. However, if we were to go swimming – even inside – my boys prefer to wear swim shirts as well as their bathing suits. BanZ products provide the ultimate in sun protection for kids, and the swim shirt I chose to try out is also stylish for Zachary!


The shirt is well-made, provides complete upper body coverage, and will be a great addition to Zachary’s swim wear collection!

And they don’t only offer swimsuits – BanZ offers 100% UV protective Sunglasses, UPF Bucket Hats, UPF 50+ Swimwear, earBanZ Hearing Protection, UV Swim Goggles, UV Ski Goggles, Sunscreen and more to protect babies and kids head-to-toe no matter what the activity or season.


Created in Australia, BanZ has a complete protection collection of sun safety products for children ages 0-12. Sunglasses, hats, hearing protection and swimwear are available in multiple styles and sizes as well as sunscreen, swim goggles and more. Use coupon code FREE at checkout to receive a BanZ slip case as well as a sunscreen sample.

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Are you thinking about swimming yet? If not, think about skiing!