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What My Kids Are Reading #6–The Playground Playbook

Friday, November 14, 2014

While some kids are happy playing on their own, other kids sit on the sidelines and hope they will be asked to play with their classmates. This book is excellent for those kids as it provides practical advice on making friends and joining groups. I believe it would be worthwhile for tweens and early teenagers to read this book, and I can also see it being used in social skills groups for the same age range.

“After working for twenty years with children throughout the Tri-State Area in sports training, Todd Rosenthal noticed that the same mistakes and misunderstandings were taking place during group play. Two years ago, the former USA Today NY State High School Athlete of the Year and Two Sport Daily News All Star felt it was time to finally write a simple and fast guide to the basics. The Playground Playbook, Rosenthal’s new book for children and the adults that work with them, suggests many tips on how to effectively join new groups, get along equally with teammates and opponents and properly conduct oneself in a healthy social environment. The Playground Playbook stresses the essentials of cohesive teamwork, such as determining one’s role in each new group of players. Rosenthal also explores solutions for those affected by bullying and other disruptive behavior. Rosenthal’s goal is to help kids feel more comfortable and equipped with the social skills that all games require. Readers will discover newfound happiness and confidence so that recess, lunchtime and after-school can be much more fun and new friendships can be forged.”

Gabbie read about half of this book before she decided that it wasn’t really applicable for her, as she is the type to play on her own or in small groups. However, we would recommend the book to those looking to join in and play with a group of kids on the playground.

I received this book in exchange for my review. No other compensation was received.