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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Letter Of The Week–C

C is for Cake – just on time for Mommy’s birthday! For our 3rd week of Letter of the Week, we moved on to the Letter C.


Our words this week were cake, carrot, cactus, caterpillar, car, cat, clock, and cow. Again, our posters are from

Simon was so excited that Car starts with C!


This week again, Simon did a do-a-dot sheet and a cutting sheet. He seems to be enjoying these activities, though it is still hard for him to recognize the letters in isolation. This week we are already working on the letter D, but I think next week will be a good time to review the first 4 letters!


Janine Huldie said...

Aww thanks for sharing and always happy to have more resources to help my girls with their letters.

tamarsb said...

Cute! Don't worry too much about letters in isolation - just these activities will make him familiar with the letters!

Dara said...

thanks! so far I haven't done many unique things, but i will share if I do.

Dara said...

thanks, I think it may be working somewhat!