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It’s Okay #46

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

It’s okay…

…that I wasn’t sympathetic when Dave hurt his knee by smashing it into Zachary’s nightstand – I got my karma return when I smashed mine into the side of the van!

…that I am behind on everything again.

…that I re-read my favorite fanfic this weekend.

…that I stay up at night worrying about how my 7 year old will survive school from now until the rest of his life.

…that I purchased Zachary’s number 1 wishlist item for him for Hanukkah. Now I need to purchase Gabbie’s!

…that I think it’s funny how many people you never hear from will wish you a happy birthday on facebook, but others, like myself, do not.

…that I think this photo is kind of hilarious: