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Gabbie’s State Fair

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Gabbie’s class just completed their unit on the United States. Along with the 5th graders (Gabbie is in 4th grade), each student researched a state and completed projects about that state, wore a costume representing something from their state, and participated in a show in which they also performed skits about the region their state is a part of. Gabbie chose none other than the state of New Jersey. I joked that she could just bring in herself and dress as herself because she was born in New Jersey (and lived there for 4.5 years) but she didn’t like that idea!

Gabbie is at the top left corner.

Singing This Land Is Your Land

She is dressed as Miss New Jersey because the Miss America Pageant takes place in New Jersey.

Her table.

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I always love these school performances and seeing all the hard work pay off!