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Dream Team Pets #GiftIdea

Monday, November 3, 2014


Lately Simon has been nervous about having bad dreams. He has woken up a from a dream about spiders in his bed and he has woken up crying and then yelling “It was just a dream!” Dream Team Pets has developed a stuffed animal friend for children with sleep issues by allowing the child to “train” their pet to protect their sleep every night – and therefore learning to soothe themselves back to sleep if they wake up during the night.

“A Dream Team Pet will help your child sleep train and gain confidence at bedtime. Instead of being worried about the monsters under the bed, your child will know that their Dream Team Pet will be there to help them get back to sleep. Experts agree that sound sleep starts with a well-established bedtime routine. After you tuck your child into bed, read the book, and train your Dream Team Pet, they’ll be sleeping soundly in no time. Adding a star to your Pet’s Certificate of Training for every good night also helps your child acclimate to the new routine in a rewarding way. As your child trains their Dream Team Pet to protect their sleep each night, they’re also training themselves to self-soothe and get back to sleep. Once your Pet’s Certificate of Training is filled up with gold stars, your child is ready to make it through the night without interruptions while their Dream Team Pet stands guard.”

The pets include the Mighty Lion – the king of the jungle who feels right at home cuddling and protecting his favorite little human with his mighty roar to scare away the scary stuff, the Playful Puppy – who loves to cuddle and play and loves to stand guard throughout the night, and the Magical Cat – she isn’t scared of much and helps little ones be brave throughout the night. Each pet comes with a book and a training certificate that parents and children can use to train the pet – and the child – to sleep through the night. I chose to order the Mighty Lion and I plan to give him to Simon during Hanukah.

Although the lion is smaller than he appears in the photos on the website, I find him cute and cuddly and I like the idea of Simon having a stuffed animal that is meant to soothe him if he wakes up from a bad dream.


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Do your children wake up from bad dreams?

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