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Sunday Funnies–Thanksgiving Edition

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Welcome back to Sunday Funnies, set to recur here on Sundays at least until Scandal returns. This week’s funnies are Thanksgiving themed to mark the end of Thanksgiving Weekend. Enjoy!






I had to include that last one from Friends – I remember laughing hysterically when watching that episode!

Hope everyone had a good one!

November In Review

Friday, November 28, 2014

November certainly flew by! It was a good month for us overall. Here are some of the highlights:

Family Activities:

  • We went to Union Station’s 100th anniversary celebration:


DSCN0641  DSCN0645

  • We played in the leaves.
  • Zachary and I went to Mother-Son bowling:

DSCN0649  DSCN0650

DSCN0694  DSCN0699


And now, more about me via Instagram. If you follow me on Instagram you’ve probably seen these pictures already, but I like to post them here because they are the quick snap shots of my life! (If you don’t follow me on Instagram, you can, here.)

2014-11-09_1415567072  2014-11-10_14156302982014-11-11_1415669335  2014-11-18_1416270792
1. Zachary at the zoo. 2. Birthday note from Gabbie. 3. Birthday cake. 4. Actually taken earlier – Dave and me at the Rutgers game.

2014-11-19_1416407778  2014-11-21_14166010662014-11-26_1417028429  2014-11-27_1417104786
1. Simon on Hat Day. 2. Simon chilling. 3. Gabbie, Zachary, and their favorite little baby. 4. Simon and Zachary dancing while watching the parade.

Simon playing.

Enjoy these last few days of November everyone!

Thanksgiving 2014

Thursday, November 27, 2014

For the longest time, my parents hosted Thanksgiving. It was myself and my brother, my grandma, and my uncle mostly, and as the family grew, other family members came too – like Gabbie and my uncle’s wife. In fact, I believe it was on Thanksgiving when I told my family I was pregnant with Zachary. My brother moved away and my grandmother passed, and then our family moved away as well. We reunited in New Jersey two years ago, but now my parents live in Florida, and for the past two years we have stayed here and had our Thanksgiving with friends. I am truly thankful that we have close friends here, and I remain thankful for my family, although we are not together today. Our family continues to grow as my niece is expecting and that means I will become a great-aunt soon, and my brother and his wife just announced that they too are expecting! Their child will be my first biological (not by marriage) niece or nephew and I am so excited about it! Having said all of that, I asked the kids what they are thankful for, and here are their answers.

Gabbie is thankful for: “My family, my health, my friends, my school, that we have enough money, and my teachers.”
That was a direct quote!

Zachary says: “I’m thankful for you being my mommy.”
Isn’t he sweet?

Simon isn’t feeling well, he has a cold. So when I asked him what he is thankful for, he said, “Choo choo.”
Well, I guess he does love trains!

And of course, I am thankful for all three of them! What are you thankful for?

Happy Thanksgiving!

Gabbie’s State Fair

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Gabbie’s class just completed their unit on the United States. Along with the 5th graders (Gabbie is in 4th grade), each student researched a state and completed projects about that state, wore a costume representing something from their state, and participated in a show in which they also performed skits about the region their state is a part of. Gabbie chose none other than the state of New Jersey. I joked that she could just bring in herself and dress as herself because she was born in New Jersey (and lived there for 4.5 years) but she didn’t like that idea!

Gabbie is at the top left corner.

Singing This Land Is Your Land

She is dressed as Miss New Jersey because the Miss America Pageant takes place in New Jersey.

Her table.

DSCN0764DSCN0765DSCN0766DSCN0767DSCN0769DSCN0773DSCN0774  DSCN0775DSCN0776

I always love these school performances and seeing all the hard work pay off!

It’s Okay #48

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

It’s okay…

…that Thanksgiving is in two days.

…that the kids are off school starting tomorrow.

…that they were discussing what we might do tomorrow and I don’t have any ideas.

…that we are looking forward to watching the parade and the dog show, a yearly tradition!

…that we didn’t do much this past weekend though Zachary went to a birthday party.

…that Dave took the kids to the library and Simon brought home a video that we actually own – no need to take it from the library!

…that sometimes things annoy me more than they should.

…that my Fantasy Football team actually won this week!

What’s okay with you this week?