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Letter of the Week - A

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Last week, I started working on the Letter of the Week Curriculum with Simon. Although the curriculum suggests that it is for age 3 and Simon is 4, I still feel it is appropriate for him at his current stage of learning. I used our garage door, which we go in and out of most often, as a home for our alphabet poster and weekly letter poster, which I found at


Instead of using flash cards with Letter A words, I wrote them around the Letter A poster and each time we looked at the poster, I pointed out the words to Simon. He is not supposed to be able to recognize them right away, but he was interested in looking at the words. Our key words for Letter A were apple, alligator, animal, astronaut, airplane, alphabet, and ambulance.


We did a few activities throughout the week which I found via various websites. The Do-A-Dot page came from, as did an ABC Phonics Coloring Page and an Alphabet Cut and Paste Sheet, which was Simon’s favorite activity.


Simon requested a page where he could trace the letter A and I found one at He tried but didn’t complete the page, and he also did not color the awesome Alligator A from

Finally, at, I discovered the Things That Fly and the Zoomin Moving Alphabet printables. Simon enjoyed the airplane and ambulance worksheets. I did not use all of the pages available but picked and chose the ones that focused on writing and cutting. There are a lot of pages available!

Depending on our weekly schedule and as time allows, I would like to do more art projects and activities based around our weekly letter!