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What I’ve Been Reading #59

Friday, August 29, 2014

Earlier this week I shared that A Broken Us by Amy Daws is currently available for preorder. I was lucky enough to read the ARC of Amy’s book and I loved it! “Finley and Brody are in their own little bubble of deep, indescribable love. Finley’s quirky ways are the perfect compliment to Brody’s scandalously sexy passion. So Finley is undeniably crushed when she gets a hard dose of reality from her doctor. She can’t have children. Not now. Not ever. Crippled with the fear of how Brody will react when he hears the news, Finley does the only thing she can think of—she runs. Leaving behind all that she knows, Finley hops on an international flight to London to move in with her eccentric, childhood best friend, Leslie. With a plethora of new people and experiences to distract her, Finley is surprised when a cheeky Brit named Liam, a self-proclaimed fixer, is determined to help her forget. The only problem is...a large part of Finley’s heart is still with Brody.”  This is the kind of fiction that I enjoy. It’s a love story but also a story of friendship and family and it is written in a way that makes it very hard to put down. Finley runs away to London, but she is American, which means that unlike the main characters in many other chick lit set in England, I found Finley relatable. Her personality was likeable and the reader can empathize with the way she feels and why she leaves Brody. The friends that Finley finds in London are hilarious and enjoyable to read, especially Frank, a tall, redheaded gay man who Finley quickly becomes close friends with. Amy Daws has a way of writing that draws you in and lets you be a part of the world of her characters.

The Love Season by Elin Hilderbrand was a slower read for me, but not a bad book overall. “It’s a hot August Saturday on Nantucket Island.  Over the course of the next 24 hours, two lives will be transformed forever. Marguerite Beale, former chef of culinary hot spot Les Parapluies, has been out of the public eye for over a decade.  This all changes with a phone call from Marguerite’s goddaughter, Renata Knox.  Marguerite has not seen Renata since the death of Renata’s mother, Candace Harris Knox, fourteen years earlier.  And now that Renata is on Nantucket visiting the family of her new fiancé, she takes the opportunity, against her father’s wishes, to contact Marguerite in hopes of learning the story of her mother’s life—and death.  But the events of the day spiral hopelessly out of control for both women, and nothing ends up as planned.” The book alternates viewpoints between Marguerite and Renata, and I found Renata’s story a bit more interesting than Marguerite’s. Towards the end of the book, more viewpoints are shared, and I found myself wishing they had been available throughout the book as well. I have read books by Hilderbrand before and enjoyed them, but this one wasn’t quite as good as the others. I did enjoy finding out more about the death of Renata’s mother, which was the main reveal of the story. I also like the Nantucket setting – I was in Nantucket once and wish I would have been able to spend more time there!

Have you read anything good lately?

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