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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Neato Skins Custom Device Labels Giveaway


When I was invited to try out Neato Skins Custom Device Labels, I knew right away what I wanted to create – a Fitz phone. Back in the spring, the Scandal publicity team was sending phone covers to lucky fans and another Scandal fan created a similar design for other fans to use for their own phones:


The Neato Skins Custom Device Labels kit comes with:

  • 5 Blank Skins
  • Clear Cell Phone Case
  • Paper Test Sheet
  • Complete Instructions
  • Online Design Software Access Code

With the access code, I was able to use the software provided at the Neato Skins site to design my phone cover. From there, it was simple enough to add my image to the software. I did find that using “fit to label” distorted my image, but using “fill vertically” worked perfectly.


I printed out the test sheet to make sure my printer was aligned correctly and it worked perfectly, so I printed out the actual decal!


I applied it to the back of my phone and added the clear cover. Now I have my very own Fitz Phone! Plus, I have four more blank decals that I can use to create any other design that I want to. The decals are removable and you can rotate them out whenever you want to.


Do you want a Fitz Phone? Or just a Neato Skins Custom Device Labels kit? Enter using the form below and win a kit for yourself!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

I was provided with this product from and in exchange for my review. All thoughts and opinions are my own!


Lesley Johnston said...

probably pics of our two cats - sad, i know

Ashley Bree Perez said...

i love the one above. :)

Janine Huldie said...

Oh love that you got to try this out ;)

Breenah said...

Love that you chose Fitz. I'd probably do a show I love too, Supernatural or Sherlock or Veronica Mars.

Emily Smith said...

I would use my favorite picture of my three boys

Dara said...

not sad, fun!

Dara said...

are you a Scandal fan too? :)

Dara said...


Dara said...


Dara said...

sounds great!

Neato Products said...

The nice part about these Skins is you can peel them off and put another one on and do it over and over again. There easily removable!

Nikolas Alexander said...

"Doctor Who" is the greatest show ever made. I would use a pic of the TARDIS!

Dara said...

yes! I mentioned that above! thanks so much for the chance to try your product.

Dara said...

sounds awesome!

micaela6955 said...

I think I would use a photo of my vacation in Guatemala this past summer

Dara said...

good luck!