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Mommy Camp Part 2

Monday, August 11, 2014

Last month I shared a few of the things we did while the kids were not in camp this summer. After camp ended, we had more time to spend together and I thought I would once again share a few of the places we visited.

Johnson County Museum: All three of my kids enjoy this museum and we visit every summer. Since we went in the early afternoon, it was relatively empty when we were there as well. (It can be crowded with camp trip groups, and one did come in towards the end of our visit). We also checked out the 1950s Electric House for the first time. This was a model house built to show off the modern electric innovations of the early 1950s. I didn’t take photos of the house, but the kids did seem to find it interesting. Here are some pictures from the play areas in the museum:

DSCN9762DSCN9763DSCN9765DSCN9767  DSCN9768DSCN9771  DSCN9772DSCN9775DSCN9776  DSCN9777

Johnson County Fair: We have gone to this 4H Fair almost every summer since we’ve lived here, and we used to go to the 4H Fair in NJ too. We like to see all the animals and fun things on display!


Mahaffie Stagecoach Stop and Farm: Another repeat from last summer, this is the last remaining stagecoach stop open to the public on the Santa Fe Trail. You can tour the farm and ride on a stagecoach!

DSCN9826  DSCN9830DSCN9831DSCN9837  DSCN9833DSCN9834DSCN9838DSCN9839DSCN9842DSCN9843DSCN9844DSCN9845DSCN9846DSCN9847DSCN9848DSCN9857DSCN9858DSCN9861  DSCN9859DSCN9860DSCN9863DSCN9865  DSCN9866DSCN9868DSCN9869DSCN9870DSCN9873DSCN9874DSCN9877

Now that summer is almost over, our adventurous activities will be limited! It is hard to believe the kids go back to school next week! We had a good summer, how about you?