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Beginning Of School

Sunday, August 31, 2014

This week I’m taking a break from Sunday Funnies to bring you a beginning of school update. (Sunday Funnies are harder than they look – finding the funnies takes a long time!)

As you know, Gabbie is now in 4th grade. At Back To School Night I got to see a folder that she made all about herself and it was so cute that I took photos of a lot of it!

IMG_1739  IMG_1740IMG_1741
This fold out contained “Things people may not know about me.” Here’s what they say:
I have a cousin in the Israeli army.
I was born in New Jersey.
I’ve been to New Jersey more than ten times.
I’ve been on a cruise.
I was born on April Fools Day.
I’ve been to Israel twice.

Here are her favorites! Subject – Reading. Sport – Dance. Color – Purple, pink, and blue. Holiday – Hanukkah and Sukkot. Season – All. Food – pizza and hot dogs. Movie – Frozen. Book – Little House on the Prairie. Song – songs by Katy Perry. Show – So You Think You Can Dance.

Using the folders, the kids had to write acrostic poems about one another. Above you can see the poem Gabbie’s friend wrote about her and the poem she wrote about him.

Zachary is in 2nd grade and is trying his best. Seeing his writing hanging up in the classroom made me so sad though.

It is supposed to say “I am thankful to see my friends.”

IMG_1738  large_photo217552_2343442
He had a hard time coloring this – saying it was boring and he was tired, but it looks good!

large_photo222298_2356527  large_photo222298_2356531
Two more pictures taken by his teacher!

Simon is in pre-K and having a great time! Yesterday was Simon’s birthday on the Jewish calendar so on Friday I went to his class to bring cupcakes. I wanted to take his picture on the special birthday chair and all his friends ran to get into the picture with him. It was so cute!

DSCN0154DSCN0155  DSCN0156DSCN0157  DSCN0158DSCN0159  DSCN0162DSCN0165
He also made the Hebrew letter alef this week!

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