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It’s Okay #32

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

It’s okay…

…that my plans for the first day the kids were home from camp got foiled – I hadn’t checked the website of the place I wanted to go (the county fair) and realized it would not be fun because most things aren’t open yet. Good thing I checked in advance.

…to be concerned that Zachary isn’t ready for 2nd grade.

…that both Gabbie and Zachary have planned play dates today, and that all three kids will be at both play dates! (One is at our house and one is at a park).

…that I’ve been trying to figure out what a certain song is that they play at my class at the gym for the past week.

…to share this with you: Bloominous makes DIY flowers easy. They sell kits to make DIY floral arrangements easy and affordable. I love the idea and think these are so pretty:


…to have a lot of fun reviews coming up soon on the blog!