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It’s Okay #30

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

It’s okay…

…that I finally started knitting again. But I have an unfinished project that I’m not working on!

…that I was late to my class at the gym yesterday and totally missed the warm up – which is sometimes harder than the actual class!

…that I’m involved in a few tweet / facebook campaigns for blogher.

…to let you know that the Awesome Deck of Awesome (reviewed here) is on a big sale on Amazon right now. Add it to your cart and the new price will be about $3.75 for a boy or a girl deck!

…that I need to shop for school supplies. If the list says Gabbie needs a box of 48 crayons and I have two boxes of 24, is that okay?

…that the radio station I listen to plays “All Of You” constantly.

…that it’s kind of crazy that Forrest Gump came out 20 years ago.

…that I’m very sad that a member of my synagogue died yesterday. He was a very nice man and I’m friends with his children and like his wife a lot too.

…that I’m a big fan of this picture from camp: