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Adventures From Mommy Camp

Monday, July 7, 2014

The kids have been in camp for 3 out of the 6 weeks of our summer so far, but the week they were not in camp we had some adventures of our own. Keeping my 3 kids entertained is not always easy, especially when their interests are not always the same, but here are three things we did that kept us busy for at least part of the day on which we did them!

Museum at Prairiefire: American Museum of Natural History Exhibits have come to Kansas! There is a Discovery Room, which is very similar to the Discovery Room in the actual Museum of Natural History, and a rotating exhibit which is currently Water: H2O=Life (until July 13). You can choose to do one or the other or both, but the Discovery Room pass is only available in 45 minute sessions, as they close every hour to cleanup. We did the Discovery Room first and then walked through the Water exhibit.

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Before we left, we created dinosaurs in the lobby. You make them on a computer and then they walk across the lobby on a screen that also shows the people in the lobby, so it looks like you are standing with dinosaurs.

Gabbie outside the museum.

Next up, we checked out the Super Kids Save The World exhibit at Crown Center. This current kids’ play area is based on the book George Saves The World by Lunchtime and gives the message of recycling to kids. We didn’t stay very long, but it was a cute set up with fun things to play with.

DSCN9508DSCN9511DSCN9512DSCN9513DSCN9514DSCN9515  DSCN9509DSCN9517DSCN9518  DSCN9519DSCN9520DSCN9522DSCN9523  DSCN9524

Finally, we check out Penguin Park. It is not very close by to our house, but it is a park I had heard about since moving here and had always wanted to visit!

DSCN9525  DSCN9526DSCN9527DSCN9528DSCN9529DSCN9530DSCN9532DSCN9533DSCN9535DSCN9536DSCN9537  DSCN9538DSCN9540DSCN9541DSCN9542  DSCN9539DSCN9543DSCN9544DSCN9548

Now, there will be 3 more weeks at the end of summer when the kids are not in camp and more adventures will have to be had! I hope I can find more fun things for them to do!