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What I’ve Been Reading #51

Friday, June 6, 2014

Since my last update, I finished two books.

The first book that I finished was Little Face by Sophie Hannah. This was a somewhat strange book that I felt was a good story but wasn’t well-written enough to hold my interest. “It’s every mother’s worst nightmare. When Alice Fancourt leaves her newborn daughter at home with her husband for the first time, she comes home to a horrifying discovery: her child has been swapped with another baby. In near hysterics, Alice rushes to call the police, but soon discovers that no one, not even her husband David, believes her. When the police arrive, Detective Simon Waterhouse is drawn to the lovely Alice but doubts her story and suspects that she is suffering from postpartum depression. Meanwhile, David is growing increasingly hostile and Alice begins to fear that her baby’s disappearance may be linked to his first wife’s untimely death. Can Alice convince the police before it’s too late?” While this can be described as a thriller, I wouldn’t say it thrilled me. I wanted to know more about the motivations of the characters and more about their personalities. I just feel like overall, the book could have been written better.

The next book I finished was Knit In Comfort by Isabel Sharpe. “Megan Morgan traded the constant mobility of her childhood for a quiet, stable life in Comfort, North Carolina, with a handsome husband, lively children, and a group of longtime friends who’ve formed a weekly knitting club, Purls Before Wine. Desperate to escape big-city anonymity and pressure from her marriage-minded boyfriend, a stranger, Elizabeth Detlaff, arrives unexpectedly, certain that fate has guided her to the Carolina mountains. She seems to think that in sleepy, unremarkable Comfort she's found paradise. Soon, Elizabeth has eagerly invaded Megan’s life, living in the apartment over her garage, befriending her mother-in-law and children, fawning over her husband, and joining the Purls. It’s not long before Elizabeth brings to light legends of Megan’s Shetland ancestors, leading her to stumble over a painful, long-buried secret.  Backed into a corner, Megan is forced to examine her choices and ultimately decide what kind of woman she wants to be.” I liked this book more than many of the others I have read recently, but I still wouldn’t call it a favorite. I liked the fact that it was a story of women’s friendships, but I found some of the stories to be confusing and I was even convinced that one part was a glaring editing error until it was explained later. I also liked the references to knitting. Sadly, I am not sure the main friendship in the book was believable. Again, this was a good story that could have been better written.

Have you read anything good lately?