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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Summer Nature and Art Camps

Last week, Gabbie and Zachary went to camp through the local school district. There are a variety of camp subjects available, but we chose topics that I hoped they both would enjoy.  In the morning, they did art and in the afternoon they did Summer Nature. Summer Nature is awesome because the school has a ton of animals for the kids to interact with and learn about. On Friday afternoon, there is an open house for the parents to visit the classroom and see what the kids did all week long.

These large murals were hanging on the walls.

They made these animal prints.

DSCN9370DSCN9371  DSCN9373
The rabbit, Oreo, is definitely a favorite. The chinchilla is cute too!

This is Red Tail.

DSCN9376  DSCN9377DSCN9378
Loved these turtles!

Zachary kept going back to pet Oreo.


Cute bird.

Can’t believe they both wanted to hold the snake!

I think this is “Spikey Bob.”

DSCN9390  DSCN9392
More Oreo.

Trying to catch the mice.



Showing off the bird.

DSCN9401  DSCN9403DSCN9404DSCN9405DSCN9406  DSCN9407
More turtle time.

Things that came home.

The theme of art camp last week was animals, so a lot of animal things came home too!


DSCN9413  DSCN9416
Gabbie’s on the left and Zachary’s on the right – but his teacher made the lion face because he didn’t go to camp the day they did it, since he wasn’t feeling well that morning.


Gabbie’s on the left and Zachary’s on the right. They gave these to Dave for Father’s Day!

This week, while Zachary has Cub Scout Camp, Gabbie is still at the same camp as last week, so I will get to attend the open house again on Friday! I’m pretty sure we’ll do at least a few weeks of these camps again next summer as well!


Janine Huldie said...

Looked like a fun experience for the kids and I am with you on the snake holding though ;)

tamarsb said...

Fun! What an amazing collection of animals to meet!

Tamara Bowman said...

Ohh. Scarlet would LOVE this. She's still a bit young for all of the amazing camps that are in western MA. They are so interesting! Makes me want to be a kid again, although there are blogging conferences and photography expeditions that are somewhat similar..

Sara said...

This camp sounds fun and Gabby is so brave with that snake. This will be Collin's first year doing camp and I'm a bit nervous to see how it goes. It's only for 2 weeks so not that long. The rest of the summer we are going to do "mommy camp" inspired from some of your summer posts last year.

Dara said...

I've never done it myself! lol.

Dara said...

as it turns out, there were even more animals that I didn't see the first time I visited!

Dara said...

oh yes, I loved camp as a kid!

Dara said...

I'm so glad I could inspire you! we'll be doing mommy camp again a few weeks this summer!