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It’s Okay #26

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

It’s okay…

…that I’ve been drinking more coffee lately. A long time ago, I never ever drank coffee!

…that I was unhappy with the disorganization of Cub Scout camp drop off yesterday…

…that I am going to Cub Scout camp with the boys tomorrow, and I’m hoping it will go okay.

…that I didn’t think I’d be able to drive kids to camp (there is a meet up spot and then parents drive) because I have to bring my other kids to their own camps later, but now it’s going to work out.

…that next week the kids are home.

…that Dave had jury duty but he only had to be there half a day in the end.

…that Rudy has to go back to the vet.

…that I received an awesome sample of bareMinerals bareSkin Foundation and a face brush to try out.

…that we didn’t end up doing the Father’s Day Run because it was raining. There was apparently a big storm overnight Saturday and lots of trees were down!

…to be excited about an opportunity I received through my blog that is taking place today!