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Day Out With Thomas

Monday, June 16, 2014

Last week, we went to the Day Out With Thomas. We had gone once before, back in New Jersey, when both Gabbie and Zachary were quite little. For awhile, Zachary continued to ask to ride on Thomas again, and when Simon heard about it, he wanted to also. Of course, by the time we finally did it, Simon was probably the only one of the 3 at the appropriate age, but all 3 had a good time.

Checking out the firetruck

DSCN9320DSCN9322DSCN9323DSCN9324DSCN9325DSCN9326DSCN9327  DSCN9328DSCN9330DSCN9333DSCN9334DSCN9336
Feeding animals

Bounce house fun

Train ride time


Here’s the Thomas part of the whole thing:

DSCN9356DSCN9357DSCN9358  DSCN9359

We probably won’t do it again, but I’m glad we finally got that second ride on Thomas that Zachary kept asking us for!