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Cub Scout Camp

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Last week, Zachary attended Cub Scout day camp. In order to attend, each cub had to bring a parent with them for at least one of the days of camp. I attended on Wednesday. Sadly for me, Wednesday was not a day that included exciting activities such as archery, BB gun shooting, or rock wall climbing, but instead included more artistic types of activities, as well as fishing.

The tent like canopy which was the pack’s home base.

Pack Flag

DSCN9422DSCN9423DSCN9427  DSCN9428DSCN9430  DSCN9431
First activity: making rockets out of recyclable materials.

2nd activity: water race. There was also dodge ball with sponges, but Zachary wouldn’t participate.

DSCN9438  DSCN9439DSCN9440  DSCN9442DSCN9443  DSCN9444DSCN9445  DSCN9446DSCN9447DSCN9448  DSCN9449
Fishing. No one caught anything.

DSCN9451  DSCN9452DSCN9453  DSCN9454
Hammering a nail through a piece of leather to make constellations.

The whole week overall was a lot of fun for Zachary. For a mom hanging out at camp, it wasn’t so much fun! But I’m glad Zachary got to have the experience (not including the sunburn around his collar and what looked like poison ivy on his arm!).