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Miami County Kansas Farm Tour

Monday, May 19, 2014

On Mother’s day, we participated in the Miami County Farm Tour. Approximately 10 farms in Louisburg and Paola Kansas were open to visitors to visit and enjoy. We were able to visit six of them.

Our first stop was at the Terabithia Dairy Goat Farm. There we bonded with the goats!

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Next, we visited the Hoot Owl Hill Vineyard and Gardens. Hoot Owl supports two vineyards, raised-bed vegetable gardens, butterfly gardens, an espaliered fruit-tree patio, berry patches and a native wildflower meadow. This farm also offers camping, with tents set up to use.


The next stop was at Prothe’s Pecan Farm. We got a tour of where the pecans are grown. It was windy but very pretty!

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Next, we visited Alpacas ‘R Diamonds, where we got to feed cute alpacas. I was excited there was yarn for sale, until I remembered I think I’m allergic to alpaca wool.


Our next stop was at Silver Lining Herefords, were we met a cow, and bought some farm fresh eggs.


Finally, we had a tour of Cy and Dee’s Blackberries. I wished the berries were ripe, but they won’t be till later in the summer! We did get a tour and an explanation of their new lay-down trellises and drip-line watering system.


So, it was a nice sunny day in the farmlands of Kansas! I would definitely do the farm tour again!