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May Literary Junkies Link Up

Friday, May 23, 2014

Pink Heels Pink Truck

1. What are you currently reading? Tell us about it!

I am currently slogging my way through Little Face by Sophie Hannah. It’s interesting, but I feel like it could be much better written to hold my attention better. Although I’ve been saying that a lot lately, so maybe it’s just me!

2. Do you judge a book by its cover? What cover elements make you not want to pick up a book?

Sometimes. I have a hard time choosing books to read based on their descriptions. I’m always worried I won’t like them and I prefer to go off recommendations! But when I go to the library or the book sale, sometimes I just want to pick out a bunch of books and see how they are. Then I usually pick them by their cover, at least somewhat by their description, and by whether I’ve read the author previously.

3. Do you participate in any other bookish link-ups? Tell us about them so we can join next time!

Yes, I do Book Club Friday, which is why I just about always post book reviews on Fridays!

4. Have you ever watched a movie that was better than its book version? Explain yourself!

I can’t think of any. There are definitely movies that are based on books for which I didn’t even read the book, but I can’t think of any specifically right now!

5. Summer is here! Do you read more often during any particular season?

Maybe a little bit more, but not so much that it’s noticeable!

6. What is the worst book you’ve read this year? Why?

I guess that would be Everything Must Go, which I reviewed here.