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Happy Birthday Israel

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Tuesday was Israeli Independence Day (Yom Ha’Atzmaut in Hebrew). Israel became a country in 1948, so on Tuesday we celebrated its 66th birthday. The kids celebrated at school and in the evening we went to the community celebration at the Jewish Community Center.

Zachary made this.

Gabbie made this shirt – it says “I love Israel.”

DSCN8884  DSCN8885DSCN8887  DSCN8886
When we got to the JCC, Zachary was being a monkey. Gabbie’s dance team got to perform at the celebration.

We got dinner, I removed my pita and just ate the salad and the bit of falafel that was inside.

DSCN8890  DSCN8893
There were a lot of craft projects set up, but Zachary just wanted to chase his “girlfriend” around. (We tease him, but he and this girl are really cute together!)

There was dancing – they did great, and even added an Israeli dance to the beginning of their regular routine.

DSCN8899DSCN8904DSCN8909DSCN8912  DSCN8916DSCN8920DSCN8922DSCN8923  DSCN8933DSCN8932

We took a fun family photo:


Then there was cake. And I almost ate some, before Dave reminded me about my diet.


A bit more fun, and then it was time to call it a night!

DSCN8942  DSCN8946

Happy Birthday Israel!