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Friday, May 2, 2014

A Photo An Hour

Today I’m linking up with Melissa, Amber, and Sarah for their “A Photo An Hour” link up. I took photos every hour on Monday, April 28.

IMG_1542  IMG_1543
7 AM hour: Wake up, get the big kids off to school, and eat breakfast. I started dieting (again). My plan is to give up most if not all sugar and carbs. So instead of cereal for breakfast, I had an egg.
8 AM hour: Get Simon off to school. I felt badly for him – it was cold and I dressed him in shorts! He didn’t complain though.

IMG_1544  IMG_1545
9 AM hour: Target for hair items and a bit of food items.
10 AM hour: Gymboree to spend my Gymbucks. I got a few shirts for the kids. My errands didn’t fill up these whole hours, but I had to waste time until my 11 AM appointment.

IMG_1546  IMG_1547
11 AM hour: Eyebrow wax. And headed home again.
12 PM hour: Blogging time.

IMG_1549  IMG_1550
1 PM hour: Caught up on blog reading.
2 PM hour: Cuddles with Simon. This was right after he asked me how babies get inside their mommy’s tummies.

IMG_1551  IMG_1552
3 PM hour: Carpool line for school pick up.
4 PM hour: Homework time. And I’m behind the counter because I’m making lunches for the next day.

IMG_1553  IMG_1555
5 PM hour: Gym.
6 PM hour: I meant to take a picture at dinner, but I forgot, so here’s a silly one of Gabbie and Simon.

IMG_1556  IMG_1557
7 PM hour: Bedtime. I was waiting for Simon to pick a book to read.
8 PM hour: Attending an engagement party. I didn’t eat a thing!

IMG_1562  IMG_1563
9 PM hour: Catching up on Once Upon a Time. I would have watched it on the TV but my DVR recorded a severe weather newscast instead, so computer it was.
10 PM hour. Reading on the computer!

The 11 PM hour included getting ready for bed and more reading. No pictures were taken. And there you have it, a semi-typical day in the life account of me!


Janine Huldie said...

Loved getting to see your day in pictures. I give you credit, because sometimes I have a hard time taking a picture a day let alone all day long. 😉

tamarsb said...

Busy day! Good luck with the diet!!

Ashley Bailey said...

I love Once Upon a Time! It's fantastic =)
I have zero will power when it comes to food. I would have eaten everything on that table =(

Holly Higgins said...

I can't wait to see how Dorothy fits into all of this with the Wicked Witch. I also can't wait for her demise!

Amber said...

Yay Gymboree! I just spent my gymbucks too and posted a photo on Instagram.

And Target excites me too.

Tamara Bowman said...

Oooh, hello Prince Charming!
And did you answer Simon about how babies get in tummies?

Dara said...

haha, thanks!

Dara said...

thanks. I might have lost a little bit already, but I'm sure I'll hit a plateau soon as usual.

Dara said...

I also have very little will power. but I'm trying!

Dara said...

Dorothy is coming?? I had no idea.

Dara said...

I love the deals I got at gymboree!

Dara said...

haha, guess I forgot to write that part of it! I just told him God puts them there.

Holly Higgins said...

I missed it! I had a concert and missed all but the very end.

Dara said...

it was pretty good! you can catch it on couchtuner!