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Scandal Sunday #20–Season 3 Episode 16

Sunday, April 6, 2014


I almost didn’t write this post. I feel like the show I love is being torn apart, character by character. I can’t even choose a favorite scene from this week’s episode – they were all painful and difficult to watch. [SPOILERS!] From Olivia telling Fitz she can’t see their future to Fitz admitting he doesn’t want Andrew touching his wife, to Olivia sleeping with Jake to get info from his phone to Mellie slapping Fitz in the face, the whole episode hurt, up to and including the last bit of horrifying messiness, I can only hope that with two more episodes this season, everything will be redeemed before it’s too late. Things are definitely boiling closer to the explosion that may be coming to end this season.


Olivia used two of her catchphrases – “consider it handled” and “shut it down.”


And shutting it down just may be the worst thing she could have done – by shutting down all of B613’s communications, she cut them off from finding out what Olivia’s mother intends to do with the bomb she now has. The last thing they heard was her asking “White House or Campaign Trail?”

I guess the thing is that I can’t imagine how the show will turn around and make the characters likeable again. And that just may be the beauty of it all. Because maybe it will turn around, and maybe it just won’t.