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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

LE TOTE–Boutique Box Month 2

Last month I shared my first two Boutique Boxes from LE TOTE. This month I was able to try out 3 more boxes! Just to refresh your memory, “LE TOTE is a new concept in fashion, where you pick your favorite styles and receive them in the mail as many times as you’d like each month. It's like Netflix, for fashion! You can choose from a Boutique Box (3 garments and 2 accessories) for $49 / month or the Jewelry Box (3 accessories) for $19 / month. Then you pick your items, a stylist puts together your tote, you wear the items, send them back whenever you want, and get another tote! All with free shipping of course.”

In my first tote of the month I received the following items:

Nella Navajo Sweater – Regular Price $62, Member Price $43 | Dana Little Black Dress – Regular Price $98, Member Price $68 | Vertical Stripe Dress – Regular Price $62, Member Price $43 | Azalea Statement Necklace – Regular Price $34, Member Price $26 | Cashmere Plaid Scarf – Regular Price $64, Member Price $45

Totals: Regular Price $320, Member Price $225

The interesting thing about LE TOTE is that while you may favorite items on their site, sometimes they send items that you did not specifically choose. I did not request the sweater or the black dress, but was very excited to try the vertical stripe dress. The black dress did not fit me. Here is how I wore the rest of the items:

DSCN8194  DSCN8201DSCN8199DSCN8209

I liked the dress and it got a lot of compliments. The sweater was nice enough. I loved the scarf!

In tote #2 for this month, I received:

Circles Dress – Regular Price $77, Member Price $53 | Black Shirt – Regular Price $79, Member Price $49 | KUT Chambray Shirt – Regular Price $78, Member Price $49 | Galaxy Printed Scarf – Regular Price $36, Member Price $27 | Ebony Ivory Necklace – Regular Price $34, Member Price $26

Totals: Regular Price $304, Member Price $204

Of these items, the only one I specifically requested was the chambray shirt. Here is how I wore these items:

  DSCN8535DSCN8547DSCN8548DSCN8572  DSCN8573DSCN8577

The black shirt had a faux leather stripe down the back and sleeves and it wasn’t really my style. I liked how the chambray looked with my coral tank underneath. My favorite item was the necklace! The dress was unfortunately much too short for me to wear in public. And the scarf was cute enough, though you can’t really tell from the picture!

Finally, in my 3rd tote I received:

French Connection Cap Dress – Regular Price $198, Member Price $138 | Cadet Chic Blazer – Regular Price $82, Member Price $57 | Marie Peasant Top – Regular Price $64, Member Price $44 | Goldie Link Bracelet – Regular Price $32, Member Price $24 | Effie Tear Drop Earrings – Regular Price $27, Member Price $20

Totals: Regular Price $403, Member Price $283

All of these clothing items had been favorited by me. Unfortunately, neither the dress nor the blazer fit me. I did wear the shirt, and then I returned the tote so that I could get another one.


As I explained last month, I was given a three month trial of LE TOTE’s Boutique Box service. If I had paid for this month, I would have paid $49 and received a total of $712 (member pricing) worth of clothes! I would have had to send it all back, of course, but it’s fun to have a rotating closet! What do you think of the styles I was able to try this month?


Janine Huldie said...

I had so much fun with having Le Gote here free also for the last 3 months. Waiting to see what additions come for the spring to see if I want to pay for a subscription as I have many different events coming up in the next few months and it may TotLly pay for itself if I am liking what they add for spring and summer 😉

Breenah said...

I really wish that first dress would have fit, it's so cute! I love the idea of Le Tote and you got some really cute stuff!

Holly Higgins said...

I love French Connection! I'm sorry that the dress didn't fit :(

Tracie S said...

I really like the stripey dress! It is super cute!

Dara said...

I see some springy stuff on the site, but haven't gotten to try it yet!

Dara said...


Dara said...

yeah, but even if it fit, I think the style is too short for my liking!

Dara said...

yeah, that was frustrating!

Dara said...

thanks, I liked it too.

Breenah said...

I run into that problem all the time.