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Awesome Deck of Awesome Review

Thursday, April 10, 2014


Have you ever found yourself offering your children rewards for good behavior or completed chores? I’m sure we have all done this – for everything from potty training to homework completion, kids seem to respond well to the promise of a reward. However, sometimes we don’t have rewards on hand, or we don’t want to use treats or money as incentives. That’s where The Awesome Deck of Awesome comes in.

“The Awesome Deck of Awesome (ADoA) is a positive reinforcement tool for children (of all ages). It’s a fun way to bring awesomeness into a child’s life and teach them valuable lessons about planning, earning, and saving without resorting to sweets or money.

The ADoA can be used as currency in your ‘family economy,’ where values can be set by you together with your children. In addition, the cards themselves are cool for kids to trade and collect. Each card is unique and has an awesome message to reinforce positive behavior and motivate kids.”

These cards are colorful and full of exciting pictures. Each one is different and each one is fun. They are made of a strong cardstock which will be helpful for reusing the cards multiple times. The most awesome part of the Deck of Awesome, for me, is that it is up to the individual family to decide how to use the cards in the way that will most benefit their particular family.


Sara from used the cards to reward awesome behavior and she and her kids came up with an earnings chart where they could turn the cards in for certain rewards.

Maureen from decided to use the cards to encourage team work and problem solving instead of arguing between her three kids. They were able to work together to earn time at the skate park or screen time on the Kindle Fire.

Debra from uses the cards to reward her kids for going above and beyond their already established house rules; for example for acing a test or helping out with chores, as well as for doing unprompted acts of kindness towards others.

Jessica from also rewards her kids with Awesome Cards when they go above and beyond, as long as they are already doing the things that are expected of them in the first place, liking making their beds and clearing the table after meals.

The deck itself comes with ideas for using the cards. Idea #1 is to use them as random rewards and encouragement, leaving the cards around the house with a note when your child has done something special, or slipping them into your child’s lunchbox as a reminder he or she is awesome. Idea #2 is to reward an Awesome Card each time your children perform set tasks. In this example, cards can also be taken away if tasks are not performed. A redemption system should be established, where after the child has earned a certain amount of cards, a prize will be received. Idea #3 is to use the cards as “Awesome Nudges.” In this case, you tell your child that if he or she does something you want him or her to do, he or she will earn a card. This example seems to make sense for younger children. Awesome Cards can also be used to set limits. For example, you can use each card to represent 10 minutes of screen time, so when your child is out of cards, screen time is finished. Personally, I am thinking of using them for summer homework rewards!

The Deck of Awesome is available in sets of 35 cards – a boy set and a girl set – or as a combined boy and girl set of 70 cards. AND I now have a promo code for you – NIJERSEY for 35% off until the end of April. I can’t wait to put these cards to use in our house!

I received a Deck of Awesome Cards in exchange for this review. No other compensation was provided and all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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