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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

April In Review

April was a long month. With Passover right in the middle, along with our spring break, it really seemed to last for longer than it was! Mostly, it was a good month, but the shooting at our local Jewish Community Center put a large damper on these past few weeks. (I was quoted in an article about this, which you can read here.) Otherwise, here are some of the highlights of April:

Family Activities:

DSCN8625  DSCN8626DSCN8627  DSCN8628

  • We went to Legoland – twice (the second time we went with friends)!

DSCN8782  DSCN8783DSCN8791  DSCN8793

  • I went with Zachary and his Cub Scout Pack to tour a radio station.

DSCN8684  DSCN8685

  • Simon and I had a picnic and played at a park while the big kids were still in school before break.

DSCN8692  DSCN8693DSCN8698  DSCN8701


Up next – summer! I mean, the last month of school. We get out at the end of May, so May will be partially spent making summer plans!


Janine Huldie said...

Looked like April was indeed a great month and can't believe it will be May tomorrow. Hoping the summer and warm weather won't go too quickly now, because I am so not missing the winter right about now.

Avery Kasper said...

I have been away from the blogging world for a while, Dara. I am so sorry about the shooting. It didn't even occur to me that I knew (well, kind of!) someone involved when I heard about it.
Here's hoping May is a beautiful, stress-free month for you.
Also, Gabbie's birthday cookie looks delicious.

Amber said...

The cookie cake looks so tasty!

My kids would enjoy Legoland.

Tamara Bowman said...

I love cookie cake.
And the Legoland photos are nutty! I think I'd have a blast there.
Wishing for smooth and healthy and safe May days for us all.

tamarsb said...

It did seem like a long month! Glad you had a blast and that Gabbie had a good b-day!

Dara said...

it's been too cold here lately!

Dara said...

thanks Avery. I appreciate you thinking of us! we are doing well though!

Dara said...

I didn't make the cake! lol.

Dara said...

I didn't make the cake! haha.

Dara said...