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April In Review

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

April was a long month. With Passover right in the middle, along with our spring break, it really seemed to last for longer than it was! Mostly, it was a good month, but the shooting at our local Jewish Community Center put a large damper on these past few weeks. (I was quoted in an article about this, which you can read here.) Otherwise, here are some of the highlights of April:

Family Activities:

DSCN8625  DSCN8626DSCN8627  DSCN8628

  • We went to Legoland – twice (the second time we went with friends)!

DSCN8782  DSCN8783DSCN8791  DSCN8793

  • I went with Zachary and his Cub Scout Pack to tour a radio station.

DSCN8684  DSCN8685

  • Simon and I had a picnic and played at a park while the big kids were still in school before break.

DSCN8692  DSCN8693DSCN8698  DSCN8701


Up next – summer! I mean, the last month of school. We get out at the end of May, so May will be partially spent making summer plans!

April Instagram Wrap Up

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Time for another Instagram wrap up post. If you follow me on Instagram you’ve probably seen these pictures already, but I like to post them here because they are the quick snap shots of my life! (If you don’t follow me on Instagram, you can, here.)

2014-04-01_1396386717  2014-04-01_13963887092014-04-02_1396451555  2014-04-06_1396823304
1. Drawing Gabbie made. 2. At the American Girl store on Gabbie’s birthday. She got a new doll! 3. Cleaning progress. 4. Watching the Decorah Eagle Live Cam.

 2014-04-10_1397147738  2014-04-10_13971484902014-04-10_1397149027  2014-04-13_1397423693
1. Flowering tree at the park. 2. and 3. Simon at the park. 4. Zachary and his newly missing tooth. Oh, and me.

2014-04-18_1397852117  2014-04-25_13984498382014-04-25_1398464070
1. My Grant For The People shirt. 2. Simon and his bff playing. 3. Simon and his baby doll.

Looks like I didn’t take that many Insta-photos this month!

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Deanna Rose Farmstead

Monday, April 28, 2014

If you ask anyone what there is to do with kids in Overland Park KS, they will definitely tell you to go to the Deanna Rose Farmstead. And if they don’t, they’re missing out. The farm is free Mon-Thurs and $2 each Fri-Sun and we usually go at least a few times each year. One of our days of spring break was reserved for the farm and it was a great day!


We got there super early, so it wasn’t crowded at all at first. The kids decided to do an activity where you find the answers to a bunch of questions and at the end you get a sticker in your activity book. They had a lot of fun finding the boxes with the questions and then finding their answers.


In the schoolhouse:


Visiting the animals:


We always take pictures on this cow bench!


Watching a blacksmith work:


On the playground:

DSCN8815DSCN8816  DSCN8818

Cute garden area:


The kids went back to school on Thursday, but this is the first full week back after break. And there’s only a few more weeks until school ends for the summer!

Scandal Sunday #23–Real Life?

Sunday, April 27, 2014


Since I became addicted to Scandal back in November, I sometimes found myself wondering why. Why do I let myself get invested in fictional characters and care about them enough to feel for them, whether good feelings or bad feelings? Partially, I’m sure, it’s to avoid thinking about things going on in my own life. I’m not the only one who does this, and as I’ve gotten more involved in the Scandal fandom I’ve realized that there are people who take this to the extreme. See, there are people who love Olivia and Fitz the characters so much that they have convinced themselves that Kerry Washington and Tony Goldwyn the actors are together in real life too.


In fact, there are people who claim they KNOW this relationship exists, that it’s not speculation, it’s truth. For awhile there, I found myself seeing the relationship too – no matter how much evidence there is to counter it, there are things that do look real between the two actors. However, the fact of the matter is that they are actors and the way they act on the show or even out in public is not necessarily the real truth that exists in their personal lives. So when someone tells me I shouldn’t question this relationship because it is fact, and I want to know how they know, but they won’t give an answer, I find myself thinking about it a little too much and caring more than I should, because like the others who are invested in these characters, I find myself wanting to know more about the actors themselves. And because the Scandal Season is over and I feel like getting this all out of my head, here’s what I know and feel as of right now. (None of these photos are mine).

Fact # 1 – Tony Goldwyn is married and has been married for over 20 years. It has been said that his marriage has been over for 10 of those years and they stayed married for their kids, which seems to be reflected in the fact that they don’t live together and he no longer flies home every weekend, plus his wife is very rarely seen at events with him (if you do a search and see a young, lovely girl in pictures with him, it’s his daughter, not his wife). But why then does he still refer to her as his wife and still wear his wedding ring? The ring thing is actually interesting, because while Tony does wear a ring and has said that the ring Fitz wears on the show is Tony’s personal ring, the ring Tony was photographed wearing recently does not look the same as the ring he wore in the past and wears on Scandal.

tumblr_n30uqr91Z11qd8t1xo1_500  tumblr_n30uqr91Z11qd8t1xo3_500
See how the second picture has edges? And it looks like there is some sort of engraving on the ring. Supposedly Kerry has a matching one, that she very rarely wears in public.


Fact #2 – Kerry Washington is married to Nnamdi Asomugha. Or is she? Yes she is a private person who constantly says she does not talk about her personal life. But to the point where she’d never been seen in public with someone who she’d supposedly been dating for 2-3 years? (There is a photo out there, but it’s photoshopped). I’m not sure that is even possible. Nnamdi did make some appearances at after parties for some of the award shows Kerry attended, but as a husband, wouldn’t he have been at the Emmy’s when she was nominated? Or the NAACP awards that she actually won? Instead, she was seen at the NAACP awards with Tony.


Also curious is the fact that while there is a marriage license you can see for Kerry and Nnamdi, the license has printed names on it rather than signatures for the witnesses. An entire article about the marriage was published here. The writer claims that in fact Tony and Kerry are actually married and everyone in Hollywood knows that to be the case. If everyone in Hollywood knows it to be true, then why this so-called marriage to Nnamdi? Well, he’s blackmailing them, of course! Honestly, I’m not going to rehash this article, so go read it if you want to know more. My question is just who is the author of that article? She says she has sources, but couldn’t I for example just call her up and say I know these people personally and what I say is true? Who is this celebrity blogger who has less twitter followers than I do? On the other hand, why hasn’t Kerry admitted to being married to Nnamdi? When David Letterman asked her if she was married, she said yes, but when he said “who did you marry?” she refused to answer. Curious indeed.

Fact #3 – Kerry Washington is pregnant. Or was pregnant. At this point I’m almost positive she’s already had the baby. Just how long ago the baby was born is another question. Kerry’s pregnancy was announced at the end of October, just before she hosted Saturday Night Live. I recall reading that she knew people might be able to tell she was pregnant on the show and wanted to announce it herself rather than have people speculate. When someone is as small and in as good shape as Kerry Washington, pregnancy does not really show till you are at least 5 months along. Even if you go with the narrative out there though, Kerry was 4 months along at the end of October. Which means she got pregnant literally the same week she got married. And would have been due at the end of March. Kerry made a lot of public appearances during February and March and also continued to film Scandal, and to me it’s amazing how much her face changed as time went by.

January 25.

February 6.

February 27.

March 20. Where’s the baby in this one??

And then there’s this:

379a714f33ef97f327b61667515c976fNAACP IMAGE AWARDS
I don’t know about you, but when I was pregnant my belly never separated from my body, looking like some type of ridge. The point of all this is to say that maybe, just maybe, she was covering up when the baby was born and therefore when it was conceived. Does this mean Tony Goldwyn is the father? Of course not. But isn’t the speculation fun?

Fact #4 – Just some other things.

Kerry doing something messy last February.

Also from last year. Tony claims the affair in the show is based on his life (3rd gif). What’s that supposed to mean?

Picture Tony took of Kerry at NAACP awards.

Shonda Rhimes being a spokesperson, where she should have ignored.

tumblr_n47q9xW7g01qe0t1to1_250  tumblr_n47q9xW7g01qe0t1to2_250
Social Media pics from Tony and Kerry. People claim the floors are the same.

There are other things out there and I could go on, but I won’t. Everything I read or hear about this is speculation and people spin just about anything to look the way they want it to. So what’s the point of all of this? Like I said above, it’s a way to escape. It’s a way to have feelings about things that really don’t matter and avoid the things that do. And hey, if it ever comes out that Tony Goldwyn and Kerry Washington have an off-screen relationship, you can say you heard those rumors from me first. And that ends my Scandal Sunday posts, at least until Season 4 begins in the fall.

Do you follow celebrity gossip?