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Thursday, March 13, 2014

On Sunday, we were lucky enough to attend our niece’s wedding. She is Dave’s older sister’s daughter. When I met Dave, his niece was 6. And now she’s married! My kids absolutely love her and were so excited to be at her wedding.

DSCN8260  DSCN8267DSCN8269DSCN8271
Wedding transport!

DSCN8272  DSCN8292
Dave’s sister – aunt of the bride

The father of the bride with my kids – they LOVE him!

Cousins from Israel

The bride and groom, plus her family

DSCN8299  DSCN8300
Prior to the ceremony

DSCN8305  DSCN8315DSCN8317  DSCN8319
Gabbie and her cousin the bride, plus the start of the ceremony

My niece, the sister of the bride, said my photos were amazing. Imagine how much better they would have been if I was closer up!

DSCN8338  DSCN8341
Gabbie and her second cousin; Zachary and his first cousin

My boys and almost all of our nephews – 1 is in Israel and 1 isn’t pictured

Gabbie, the aunt of the bride, the sister of the bride, and me

Mazel tov!

DSCN8390  DSCN8407
Simon, Gabbie, and the bride; Gabbie and her first cousin

Mom of the bride with Zachary and Gabbie

Before the wedding, I was slightly nervous about the fact that the amount of people attending was huge and I thought I would be lost in the crowd. However, it all turned out very nicely. I got to dance with my niece and my sister-in-laws, the kids had an amazing time with their cousins, and I had some nice conversations with the extended family members that were there. So I had a good time!

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